Who We Are

Physicians Serving Physicians is an independent, physician-centric organization that was established in 1981 by a group of physicians in recovery to help other physicians and their families struggling with chemical dependency.

The core of PSP’s mission is to provide active help and service to physicians (including residents and medical students) affected by alcohol and drug addiction. PSP is interested in broadening its mission to address mental health concerns while providing education, information and referrals addressing the broader spectrum of addiction and mental health issues which health care professionals face.

Physicians are unique in that they have more to lose than others facing impairment and consequences—stigma, privacy, professional reputations, employment and credentialing, and licensure. PSP offers their services at no charge to physicians, residents and medical students.

PSP offers the following unique services:

  • Education – PSP provides education about the illness of chemical dependency for individuals, family members, colleagues, co-workers, medical and hospital staff leaders, as well as for concerned others.

  • Referral – PSP assists colleagues suffering from chemical dependency and/or alcohol addictions, or the potential for relapse, with resources and referral as appropriate.

  • Monthly Meetings – Perhaps the most active program, PSP hosts monthly self-help meetings for mutual support, planning and discussion of problems that are unique to physicians in recovery.  Documentation of attendance at recovery meetings is often required by HPSP.

PSP has been a well-known resource in the community to not only physicians who are having issues but also to the hospital system leaders, who also need support and counsel.