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Self assessment

Addicted. Who me?

If you have any concerns about yourself after answering these questions please call us for guidance. For additional information see the "About Addiction" page.

  1. I (do/do not) continue my addictive behavior after experiencing serious consequences.

  2. I (do/do not) regret my behavior.

  3. I (cannot/can) stop my addictive behavior whenever I want.

  4. There (are/are not) others who express concern about me.

  5. I (am/am not worried) about my behaviors.

  6. I (do/do not) limit my behaviors to certain times of the day or to certain places.

  7. I (do/do not) get into arguments with family members or friends about my behavior.

  8. My behavior (does/does not) cause me shame and embarrassment.

  9. I (do/do not) use my behavior to make me feel better.

  10. My work (is/is not) in jeopardy because of my addictive behaviors.

  11. I (have/have not) had financial difficulties because of my behaviors.

  12. I (do/do not) engage in addictive behaviors to boost my self confidence or self-esteem.

  13. I (would/would not) be concerned if my clients knew about my behaviors.

  14. I (have/have not) put my family in embarrassing or potentially dangerous situations.

  15. I (have/have not) lied about or minimized my addictive behaviors.

  16. I (have/have not) changed my circle of friends/acquaintances in order to more easily engage in my behavior.

  17. I (have not/have) been aware of the needs and well-being of my family.

  18. I (do/do not) celebrate good news by engaging in my addictive behaviors

  19. I (have/have not) considered suicide because of my behavior.

  20. I (am/am not) pre-occupied with my past present or future behaviors.


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