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Who we are

PSP is peer program that provides peer support, assessment, consultation and referral to physicians, their families and colleagues who are affected by addiction.

Our background   Physicians Serving Physicians (PSP) was formed in 1981 by a group of physicians in recovery to help other physicians and their families struggling with chemical dependency. The core of PSP's mission is to provide active help and service to physicians, medical students, and family members affected by alcohol and substance abuse disorder. Over the years, PSP has broadened its mission to address mental health concerns while providing education, information, and referrals addressing the broader spectrum of addiciton and mental health issues which health care professionals face. 

Who will we help?  Any physician, resident, or medical student who believes s/he may be addicted or any physician, resident, or medical student who worries that a colleague or family member may be struggling with substance abuse disorder.

No Fees  We are a voluntary, self-supporting organization of physicians providing help, support, and refferals to our colleagues, whether the affected individual is the physician, resident, medical student, or a suffering family member.

How will we help?  Help begins with an initial, confidential phone consultation to discuss issues, options and choices.

Services  PSP offers consultation, counseling, assessment, intervention, and a full range of referral sources including peer group support for physicians in recovery.

Staff  Jeffrey C. Morgan, MD currently serves as the Interim Medical Director. TCMS provides management services.


1300 Godward Street NE, Suite 2000, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone: 612-362-3747
Email: PSP@metrodoctors.com

Physicians Serving Physicians is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization